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    Custom Investment Consulting

    Custom investment consulting is an optimal alternative for your investment portfolio.

    As an a private, objective and independent investment consulting , I advise you how to invest wisely in the investment world regardless of any financial product, regardless of any bank, independent of any investment firm, independent of any insurance company and independent of any Family Office.

    The consultation process includes three main stages:
    1. Introductory meeting – There may be more than one meeting
    2. Building a work plan
    3. Active monitoring and counseling

    As part of the consultation process, you will receive an organized and clear consultation protocol with details of your investments, investment solutions and precise advice on how to act.

    As part of the consultation process and along it you will receive details about the fees you can save.

    As part of the counseling process and along it you will receive ongoing consulting on how it is worthwhile and appropriate to act.
    You are invited to be in contact with me, ask questions and raise an investment ideas or solutions.

    Additional customization:
    One-time consulting service
    A one-time investment consulting service is suitable for a limited number of investors, mainly those with various investment constraints.
    For example, apartment buyers, happy family events, dedicated money and more.
    In the framework of one-time consultation, the process includes examining an existing investment portfolio, examining the adjustment of the exposure to risk, adjusting it to the relevant time period and the existing constraints.
    If you think that suits you a one-time advice – contact me and I’ll show you a solution.

    Family Investment Counseling
    Managers Portfolio for Other Family Members?
    Managers a joint investment portfolio?
    Family investment counseling service is suitable for families who manage their portfolios transparently (who is more or less) or children who manage an investment portfolio for their parents or for other family members.

    If you hold an investment portfolio where all family members are invested together in the same account or the opisate – family members thet have Multiple accounts and wont to Consolidate accounts or a change in the mix of risks between family members – You should use family counseling.
    If you think you are eligible for family investment Counseling – contact me and I will present a financial investing solutions for you.

    Investment consulting under regulatory restrictions
    The regulator (state authorities) places quite a few conditions for managing an investment portfolio when it comes to capital owners who can not or can not decide for themselves. In such a case the state will appoint a guardian who will decide for the caregiver and the investment portfolio will have to be adapted to the laws as defined by the state in advance.
    If you are a guardian and need investment advice under limitations – contact me and I will present solutions for you.

    Invited lectures
    Want to know the world of finance? Understand the various investment instruments?
    A lecture or a workshop of several hours or days that will expose you to the fascinating financial world in Israel and the world and behind the scenes of trading in stocks and other financial instruments.
    It is possible to invite lectures and workshops to workers’ committees, holding days and seminars – in all aspects of the capital market and finance.

    Legal Opinion \ expert witness
    If you need a legal opinion on your investment portfolio, I have many years of experience in writing an objective and independent opinion.
    A legal opinion is required when there are exceptional events in your investment portfolio or when the court is interested in ruling but wants to receive a professional opinion without interest.
    Expert witness – there are cases where an expert witness is summoned to testify before the court in order to refine or refute the claims. I bring with me many years of experience as an expert witness.

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