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Your investment consultant at the bank:

  • Is your investment consultant at the bank “locked” under the bank’s directives during his consulting?
  • The investment consultant at the bank uses the bank’s IT systems, that do not take into account the consultant’s considerations and judgment.
  • Does the investment consultant at the bank analyze his recommendations?
  • Does the investment consultant at the bank earn his salary from you, the client?
  • The investment consultant at the bank handles hundreds up to thousands of clients – does he have time for you, the individual client?
  • Will the investment consultant recommend to you a financial solution more suiting your needs, even if it is only offered by a competing bank?

How the bank consults:
The investment consultant at the bank utilizes (and is dependent upon) his employer’s research department. His role is primarily to sell various bank products, despite the fact there there may be other products and solutions more suitable for you.

Your account manager at an investment company:

  • Account managers may be profiting from the activity of your investment account.
  • Account managers manage investment portfolios in a cumulative rather than an individual method (no personalized approach to your investment portfolio and/or to your personal status, but rather to a portfolio with a certain stock elements/percentages across all investment portfolios)
  • A higher turnover rate of an investment portfolio may result in significantly lower gains.
  • Low management fees do not attest to a low cost investment portfolio.
  • Mutual funds may actually turn to be very expensive.
  • Did your account manager buy for you mutual funds that may suit you better even when they are offered by other investment firms?

How is your investment portfolio being managed?
Your investment portfolio “falls” within the risk category you chose, and is managed in aggregate, alongside similar investment portfolios with the same risk level.
Your investment portfolio does not, and cannot, enjoy focused and personalized attention. Instead, it only receives attention as part of the overall category.





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