Alongside the investment portfolio, we suggest you also review your pension status.

The key concept is that we are able to provide you with a comprehensive solution with regards to your financial assets, also relating to the pension aspect.

Pension consulting reviews the long term savings, designated to finance your living expenses after retirement. In addition, the service reviews the personal insurance policies, providing us with safeguards against economical catastrophes.

As part of the service, we will first review your needs and wishes, analyze the pension portfolio, including any employee insurance policies, pension funds, 401K and other investments. We will also review your personal insurance policies, including life insurance, loss of working capacity insurance, disability insurance as well as health and long-term care insurance policies.


Upon the completion of the review process, we will provide you with a pension consulting protocol, describing your current situation, and what changes, if any, are required changes.

The service includes a hands-on support period, assisting you in implementing the changes.

* The service is provided through collaboration with a private, objective and independent pension consultant.

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