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Dear Guy Hazan –

We have been working together for about 5 years, and it is about time I thank you for your incredible patience, caring, attention and attaining goals. I truly appreciate your work and look forward to ongoing prosperous work together.


Ines V.

Letter of appreciation

I complement you often during our phone conversations. You asked me to put something in writing, so you can “showcase” it on your website, which I am happy to do.

To Guy, my personal consultant –

Years of working with a consultant at the bank and an investments management company only highlight the difference since I’ve met you, and experienced a complete change of perception with regards to investments. You met all the goals we’ve set together during each year of mutual work. Almost every time we implemented a change in the investment portfolio, the results were positive, and each time I expressed my appreciation to such change over the phone.

I can only wish for myself many more years of joint work.

Signed: John Doe client D.A.

For: Guy Hazan – A private, objective and independent investment consultant.

Our first year of cooperation had ended, and indeed you delivered on all the parameters set to you exactly a year ago, in March 2014. I am hopeful that the coming year will continue to bring similar results.

Good luck to both of us

Best regards,


Hi Guy,

The email you sent demonstrates honesty and sincerity I’ve come to expect from you since we’ve met, and enjoyed a long road together.

You’ve always had my best interests at heart, and gave me invaluable advice – for example !@#$%^. An generally speaking, your attitude is heart warming.

I hope we continue working together for many years to come.

I wish you have many more clients, and truly believe that anyone who does not seek your advice makes a mistake.

I hope I did not find you in the middle of shopping as usual.

Thanks for everything.


Hi Guy,

After the horrible year I’ve experienced in 2008, I was glad for the time you took in order to help me materialize the profit potential of my investment portfolio, despite all my concerns.

I wish you success.


Hello Guy

I usually don’t “hassle” you by emails on a daily basis, but it is high time to acknowledge your conduct. Indeed we had a bit of a bumpy start, but shifting to smooth sailing quickly followed, and I glad for that. Continue this way, and we will work together for many more years.



To Guy Hazan

Hi Guy. You are welcome to show my letter to any potential client.

We met in April 2010, a time when my investment portfolio was in the red in hundreds of thousands ILS. You remember what was the first thing you told me? “Don’t look back. Together we will take things forward, one step at a time” – since then, we indeed joined hands and step forward with attention and caution, which proved itself big-time….

With warmest regards


For: Guy Hazan – Private, objective and independent investment consultant

I will start, with your permission, with some compliments…. I enjoy looking at my investment portfolio, I enjoy seeing my bank fees going down, I am more than happy to have met you at the right time. Your description is precise – indeed objective, indeed independent, but more importantly, you know how to listen and share. I’ve already told you during many conversations, you should maybe consider getting a degree in psychology.

Kindest regards.


Dear Guy,

You are already used to receiving emails from me, right? Well, this time it is a thank you email. Thank you for 3 years of professional, focused, and most importantly – results-oriented work. I fully understand that any investment may incur losses (something that we’ve experienced in the past. Remember?) yet the ongoing conduct proves to me I’ve made the right choice.

And again, thank you.

Signed” A.V.

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