Private investment consulting

The investment world offers a great number of options for risk management services of all types and types.

Private equity advice enables you as a capital investor to enjoy a built-in advantage in which you receive risk management services under an umbrella that takes care of your portfolio regardless of hundreds and thousands of liquid financial instruments.

Private investment advice provides you with all the investment options that are tailored to you. From the level of paper, commissions and associated costs.
Private investment advice allows you, at your own choice, to adjust the exposure to the whole consultation process. The relationship with you, by law, is close and personal and is not conducted by changing salespeople.

Private investment advice requires compliance with the provisions of the law: valid license, professional liability insurance in effect and deposit of funds in trust.
Consulting Benefits:

  1. Objectivity and independence
  2. Optimal exposure to a variety of investment solutions
  3. Saving commissions
  4. Personal and direct service
  5. Activation

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