Red October

What a fear it was in October.

The markets were painted bright red. Both in the share sector and in the bonds sector, sharp price declines were recorded.

Again the ritual repeated itself and probably will come back in the future – there were investors who will waste and sold whatever comes into hand.

Now, November began and the markets returned to being positive.

Now let’s make order ..

It is very possible that the month of October was a healthy exercise of shares after the wave of price hikes that preceded it.

It is very possible that the panic investors who sold shares in the midst of the price declines made it wise that the markets will continue to decline tomorrow.

What is certain is that there is no one who knows what will happen in the short term. I always say that anyone who knows what will happen tomorrow – I want to be his friend.

However, if our portfolio is structured to yield a long-term yield (measurement in 3-5 years) then the shock that the market experienced in October, and perhaps still shaken later, is irrelevant.

Markets are built this way. Once rising or once falling.

Markets are built this way. Once the power is in the hands of the fear forces

Another time the power of the forces of lust for money.

The war between them is what guides the financial markets.

on the tip of the fork..

Looking at the economy, it is good and therefore one can conclude that the stock exchange will be good as well.

Looking at the good economy then interest rates rise. Interest rates are not good for the market.

You have to know how to play with the dice we have wisely and carefully.

Shabbat Shalom