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    1. Objectivity and Independence
    As a private investment consultant Im not receive commissions from any investment firm or bank. In addition, a private investment consultant does not hold or manage any financial products.
    The result is Objective investment consultant – any financial product that suits you – can be advice.
    Full independence – No dependence on the investment firm, bank or household financial product.
    You pay my salary – So my obligation is to you only.

    2. Investment Solutions
    As an independent and objective private investment consultant, I am able to advise my clients on a range of existing investment solutions. I do not own my own financial products.
    In my definition, I have no connection to the bank, nor to investment firm, nor to an insurance company, which allows me complete freedom of financial Investment .
    In the counseling process, I can advise my clients on a mutual fund of any existing investment firm, any fund, any ETF, and even advise on a Bank deposit at any bank.
    In addition, I also advise the client on solutions to save financial commissions In his account.

    3. Personal Service and Activization
    A direct and active relationship is beneficial to the client and benefits to his investment portfolio.
    I will establish a direct and constant relationship with you which will teach me a lot about you and will allow me to improve and sharpen the Consulting I give you.
    As a private consultant I can choose my clients.
    I make sure I have a personal, genuine and sincere relationship with my client and will always initiate a direct connection – whether in favor of ongoing investment Consulting or for the sake of deepening the relationship with the client.

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