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I strive tirelessly to reach the best results for my clients. Among my key advantages are full objectivity during the consulting process and during selection of relevant financial assets. Since I am not affiliated or committed to any financial entity – neither to a bank, nor to an investment company or an insurance company – I am able to provide you with top -notch, objective consulting services.

Since I am free from affiliation to any financial entity, I am able to provide you with consulting services, independent of a bank, an investment company or an insurance company. As an independent consultant, I have the ability to provide you a service that is focused solely on your needs, placing only your interests as my top priority, and free from any other consideration.

In order to reach good investment results, it is advisable, appropriate and wise to review the entire range of financial tools available to us while making investment decisions. We need to exercise absolute objectivity while selecting stocks and allocating the investment portfolio.


How many time have you sat across from your banker and did not really understand what he is discussing with you?

How many times have you sat across from your banker and didn’t actually believe him?

How many times have you sat across from your banker and asked yourself “why don’t I have a banker that really looks out for my interests?!”

As your personal consultant, I will serve as your personal banker, and will put your financial interests as my first and only priority. The financial world entails a multitude of parameters, including the investment portfolio, savings, foreign currency, fees, correct investments allocation (asset allocation), pension, and above all – a VIP service that will match your needs.

Our collaborative approach will allow you to be worry-free with respect to the management of your finances, and enable you to enjoy an objective and independent service.


An investment expert must meet several criteria. The first is the amount of time in which the expert had been active in his area of expertise.

I have been working in the investment industry for more than 20 years. In this long enough period of time, I gained vast knowledge and experience that allows me to provide you with top-notch investment services.

My expertise is investments – from identifying the risk level most appropriate for you, which stocks will match your investment portfolio, when investment changes are truly warranted, how to significantly reduce fees, and how to take into account different savings plans, pension plans and financial holdings, including holdings in foreign currency and other yielding assets.

The synergy between the vast experience I accumulated over the years, and my investment expertise, objectivity and independence of financial entities like banks / investment companies/ insurance companies – allows me to provide you a perfect and comprehensive financial solution.


You are welcome to contact me – 050-837-2505


Until now, you’ve had a personal insurance agent, a personal physician, attorney and even a car mechanic.

It is time you enjoy the service and benefits of a personal, professional, private, objective and independent investment consultant.

We’re not a portfolio management company, not a brokerage company, not an underwriter or insurance company.

Our exclusive focus is investments!

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